My Priorities


  • Working with families and small businesses to overcome the COVID-19 Crisis; we need to support our families and local businesses—they will be my #1 priority for state resources
  • Economic Development—fully build out Ludlow Mills, create 1,000 new jobs there; make the former Belchertown State School a hub for business and quality of life
  • Opioid Crisis; Sadly too many people in the commonwealth continue to fall into the grips of addiction.  As a state we must do better.  Better access to sustainable addiction services.  Better education for young people with revised DARE programs in schools.  Better support for our first responders working with families and addicts everyday. 
  • Veterans; Our military veterans deserve better.  The Holyoke Soldiers Home needs more funding to care for the men and women that deserve vital services.  The VA Hospital in Leeds cannot close!  I will fight to protect these critical services for our veterans.  They deserve quality health care and support from all of us!  
  • Access to the Quabbin:  The Quabbin reservoir is a important resource in our region.  It’s very important we have access to the Quabbin for hunting, fishing and passive recreation for our enjoyment.  We can protect this property while also enjoying the beautiful land surrounding the Quabbin. 
  • Connectivity: If COVID has taught us anything it is that many of us can work remotely but this requires a stable and consistent connection to the internet. Every community in this district must have a reliable internet so families can rely on a connection to work and school. It’s 2022! There is no reason we should lose a cell phone connection on route 202 or not have stable internet.
  • Education, Education, Education— this represents the best way to prepare our citizens for meaningful work and to empower them to be successful in life
      • Our public school system must incentivize students to consider vocational education in addition to a 2 or 4 year college education. So many young people are saddled with student loan debt while we have a shortage of skilled trades people in our country. Young people need to know and respect the value of working in a trade. A skilled tradesperson can earn a good living while not owing thousands of dollars in student loans.

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